Novelist: Christen P Christensen

Finding out anything about this Danish author, Christen P Christensen is a real challenge. The personal information below requires confirmation as it might well apply to another person.

1904 – Born 24 December
1962 – Died 8 May, buried in Bregninge Cemetery, Syddanmark, Denmark

Books on WW1 Africa

Kock, Nis: Sønderjyder forsvarer Østafrika (1937)
Nordschleswiger verteidigen Deutsch-Ostafrica; Bericht uber die Fahrt des Blockadebrechers, Kronborg, und das Schicksal seiner Mannschaft in Deutsch-Ostafrike 1914-1918 (1938)
Blockade and Jungle: From the letters and diaries etc of Nis Kock (1940)

Bjarne Bendtsen in There came a Time
Find a Grave

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