Dr Anne Samson is an independent historian who has published two books on the First World War in Africa and numerous articles on related themes including the role of the historical novel in writing history. She has also given various talks on aspects of the war in Africa.

Anne is the co-ordinator of the Great War in Africa Association http://gweaa.com and is on the Scientific Council of the International Network for the Study of the Great War in Africa hosted by Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities | Universidade Nova de Lisboa.

Anne grew up in South Africa and completed her BA Degree at UNISA. She relocated to London in 1996 where she completed her MA in Twentieth Century History at University of Westminster, London and her PhD at Royal Holloway, University of London under the supervision of Professors John Turner and Anthony Stockwell.

In her other life, Anne is a teacher trainer in the Lifelong Learning Sector, supports teacher trainers through a Centre for Excellence in Teacher Training and advises on a whole school development programme in Tanzania.

Since mid-2013, Anne has started to spend more time on history, undertaking research for others in both the UK and South Africa and promoting the role and significance of Africa in World War 1. She continues to proofread essays, dissertations and theses as well as other texts particularly for writers whose first language is not English.

Complete the form below or email Anne for more information on possible talks and to see how she can help with your historical research.

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