Research – What’s on offer

Anne has over 18 years of researching political and military aspects in both the UK and South Africa.

Archives frequented:

  • The National Archives, Imperial War Museum, British Library in London
  • The National Archives of South Africa (Pretoria and Cape Town), Brenthurst & Wits Libraries and the SANDF archive – on an annual basis
  • Other archives in both countries are visited as research demands

Services offered:

  • Photographing specific documents in archives where photographs are permitted (fee quote per number of documents copied)
  • Transcribing material where photographs are not permitted (fee quote per hour of research and location)
  • Sourcing information on individuals, events or topics (fee quote per hour of research and location)
  • Writing up narratives on findings (fee quote per hour or 1/2 day)
  • Proofreading of material for publication (quote per number of words/document)

General points:

  • All proposals will be discussed and actions/time-frames agreed before work is undertaken.
  • Regular updates are provided where assignments are long-term.
  • Travel to and from archives is not included in the cost unless a special trip is requested.
  • Where there is a charge to obtain documents, this will be accounted and charged for separately at cost.

Sample of recent research projects:

  • Anglo-Boer War columns and individuals, document sourcing
  • Peninsular War individuals for medal catalogue
  • Pre-World War 1 West African colonial official

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