Talks and Conferences

20 November 2019

Rickmansworth Garden, Arts & Homecrafts Society: Jan Smuts vs Nelson Mandela

16 November 2019

Hertfordshire History Society: Lord Kitchener

11 September 2019

U3A Welwyn/Hatfield: Jan Smuts vs Nelson Mandela

8 August 2019

SA Military History Society, Durban: tbc

28 July 2019

East Rand Military History Society, Benoni: The Influence of the First World War on African Nationalism

11 July 2019

SA Military History Society, Johannesburg: Military Chaplains in the early 20th century

5 July 2019

Royal Airforce Officers Club, Illovo: tbc

26-27 June 2019

United Reformed Church History Society, Cambridge: The end of the First World War

18 May 2019

OU RHS Contested Commemorations Programme, Open University, Milton Keynes: Who in Africa remembered? Who remembered Africa?

15 May 2019

Weybridge JACS: God Bless Africa
A century of religious diversity in South Africa and the National Anthem

13 May 2019

Highwood Women’s Group, Bushey: St John’s Northwood VAD Hospital

22 March 2019

Breaking the Myths: World War 1 in Africa workshop at Legacies of the First World War Diversity Festival

18 March 2019

Interview with Drive Time radio Voice of Islam on The Unknown Fallen

6 December 2018

Book launch at Bookdealers BluBird, South Africa: In conversation with Nick Southey (UNISA) on Zambia – the end of the war and There came a time: Essays on the Great War in Africa

24 November 2018

Zambia: What the end of the war meant for Africa

12-13 November 2018

UNISA: Legacy of the First World War in Southern Africa

9 November 2018

Africa and the end of the war (Voice of America) 9 November 2018

8 November 2018

South African Military History Society, Johannesburg: Peace comes to Africa? The end of World War 1

31 November 2018

BookDealers, Johannesburg: Book launch: World War 1 in Africa: The forgotten conflict of the European powers (paperback due Sept 2018)

28 October 2018

East Rand Military History Society, Benoni: Medicine in World War 1 Africa

24 October 2018

Diversity House, UK Parliament: Breaking the Myths: World War 1 in Africa

10 September 2018

Languages and the First World War, Europe House London: Language in the East Africa campaign 1914-1918

25 July 2018

Weybridge JACS: Smuts vs Mandela

19 May 2018

Victorian Military History Seminar: The Legion of Frontiersmen: protecting the empire (summary of talk)

28 April 2018

Forgotten Heroes 1914-18, British Library London: Book launch: The Unknown Fallen (Muslims in World War 1)

23/24 March 2018

Medical History of World War 1, Army Medical Department Center of History & Heritage: Texas (by Skype) “It’s war, don’t complain!”: Enquiries into medical services during the East Africa campaign

15-16 March 2018

Diversity House, France: Breaking the Myths: World War 1 – Delville Wood school trip

30 July 2017

            • East Rand Military History Society, Benoni: Jaap van Deventer: who was he?

24 July 2017, 11.05am

28 June 2017

            • JACS, Weybridge: World War 1 in East Africa

2 June 2017

            • Swale Borough Council, Sittingbourne: World War 1 & Africa: Legacies of Conflict: Africa and the Rights of Small Nations: The Impact of the Versailles Discussions

5 May 2017

22 February 2017

            • History Society, Warwick University, World War 1 Africa: Cross-cultural research in a digital world

17 February 2017

20 January 2017

18 January 2017

            • JACS, Northwood: World War 1 in East Africa

6 September 2016

            • SCOLMA, Cambridge: Medicine in World War 1 Africa

28 August 2016

12 August 2016

11 August 2016

            • South African Military History Society, Johannesburg: How novels of WW1 Africa relate to the reality

2 July 2016

            • Hidden Histories conference, Nottingham: Africa’s war

20 June 2016

18 February 2016

            • The National Archives, Kew, London Hands on History event. The First World War in Africa, War Diaries and the Wider Picture: Hei ho! It’s off to war I go..

21 October 2015

            • Dakar, Senegal, Point Sud workshop on The Great War in Africa: Economic, Cultural and Political Consequences of the First World War on African Societies (20-24 October 2015): The East African Melting Pot

19 September 2015

17 July 2015

            • SCOLMA, British Library, There came a Darkness: Africa, Africans and World War One: Duty to Empire? South Africa’s invasion of German South West Africa

2 July 2015

            • Stellenbosch, South African Historical Association, Unsettling Stories and Unstable Subjects (1-3 July 2015): Who remembers the ‘Boy’ who carried World War 1 in East Africa?

29 June 2015

            • Stellenbosch, The Great War in Africa (29-30 June 2015): Against the odds: South Africa mobilises for war, 1914-1915

19 February 2015

            • UNISA History Department seminar: Lord Kitchener

29 January 2015

            • Rand Club, Johannesburg: Mining Magnates and World War 1

25 January 2015

            • East Rand Historical Society, Benoni: Gangsters, rebels and railways: The East Rand and World War 1, Sept 1914-March 1915

15 January 2015

            • South African Military History Society, Johannesburg: Kitchener, Lettow Vorbeck and Smuts in East Africa, WW1

11-12 October 2014

            • National University of Ireland, Maynooth, Beyond the Western Front: the forgotten theatres, contingents and campaigns of the First World War: Your country needs you! But not in Africa: Lord Kitchener and the Great War in Africa

2-4 October 2014

            • Bayreuth Academy of Advanced African Studies (Sub-project “Narratives of the Future in Modern African and Atlantic History”), Catastrophe or catalyst?African and African Diasporas’ visions arising from World War One: The clash of visions in South Africa, 1914-1918

30 September 2014-1 October 2014

            • Instituto da Defesa Nacional – Lisboa “Small Power is a Power? The Role and Resilience of Small and Medium Powers During the
              Great War 1914-1918”: The opportunity of war: South Africa in World War 1 – a case study (keynote)

23 July 2014

11 July 2014

June 2014

            • Northwood College Assemblies Women in World War 1

25 March 2014

            • Interview by SA Sunday Times (Archie Henderson) re SA and WW1: The distant war that defined a new country published on 3 August 2014

15 March 2014

            • Hertfordshire Historical Association, With Lettow-Vorbeck and Smuts in Africa during World War 1

13 March 2014

            • St John’s Guild, Northwood, Novels of the East Africa campaign

18 February 2014

16 January 2014

            • South African Military History Society, Johannesburg, Behind the scenes of South Africa’s involvement in World War 1

9 November 2013

            • GWAA Conference, London

7 November 2013

            • Rhiems University – The diversity of troops in the South, Central and East African campaigns

18 July 2013

            • Harrow Writers’ Group – Historical Novel Writing

1-2 July 2013

            • International Network of the Great War in Africa, Lisbon, South Africa’s neighbours and World War 1

30 January 2013

            • Twyford High School, History, memory and literature

28 January 2013

            • Western Front Association, Hampshire & IOW,Kitchener, Lettow-Vorbeck, Smuts and East Africa, 1914-1919

15 November 2012

            • South African Military History Society, Johannesburg, Kitchener – Enigma and architect of Africa

7 November 2012

3 November 2012

            • Boksburg Historical Association, Boksburg, The South African mining magnates and World War One

11 October 2012

            • South African Military History Society, Cape Town, Smuts and Lettow-Vorbeck and the Great War in East Africa

7-9 September 2012

10 July 2012

            • Imperial War Museum, London Reappraising the First World War: In Africa series – A century of remembering: the Great War in East Africa

14 July 2012

            • The National Archives, London, Great War in East Africa, The politics of the campaign

October 2010

            • Probus, Boksburg South Africa, The unknown story of the East Africa Campaign of 1914-1919

8 April 2010

            • Friends of The National Archives, Kew, The South African Empire

April 2010

            • National Army Museum, London, East Africa and the Peace Discussions at Versailles

26 June 2009

          • New Lisbon University Lisbon, Portugal, East Africa and the peace discussions at Versailles

9 May 2009

14-16 November 2008

            • Agen, France (published 2009), The remembrance of the East Africa campaign in South Africa: Historians use of and impact on memory

9 June 2007

            • ZMO Berlin (published by Brill 2010), The impact of the East Africa Campaign, 1914-1918 on South Africa and beyond

23-24 March 2006

            • University of Newcastle, National Memory, First World War Conference

17 March 2003

          • University of Sussex, Postgraduate conference on Conflict and Change

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