Testimonials and Feedback

Talk: The Man in the Poster: Lord Kitchener , February 2022

“Remarkable that you can talk for an hour or more about Kitchener, and all good stuff too.” (South Africa, 2022)

Australia,  August 2015

“Being the first time I actually looked at your editing, I just want to thank you.
[Your editing] is most helpful, professional, high academic standard etc.
Just what I had in mind when I was looking for help!!!”

London, November 2014

“Thanks again for all your support and help on these, it’s been invaluable and really appreciated”

Talk: When two bulls clash, the grass suffers: The impact of World War 1 in East Africa: British High Commission Residency, Tanzania, 23 July 2014

“I have learned a lot especially the role played by both whites and africans on (sic) the first world war. And Anne was superb.”

Novels of the East Africa Campaign: St John’s Guild – 12 March 2014

“I do hope you enjoyed yourself as much as I and our members did. I have never known them to be so quiet and ask so many questions!!! Your knowledge of your subject and the way you presented it was fascinating – it held us completely.”

On consolidating the research of the Northwood Community Arts Research into the Northwood VAD Hospital, Middlesex: 27 March 2014

“you are AMAZING Anne! You have managed to pull all the bits together and add some more:)and makes such interesting reading!!”

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