Discover … (talks)

Anne is available to do talks on various topics, some of which are listed below. Each talk is aimed to be about 45minutes long but can be tailored to meet your needs.

Behind the scenes of South Africa’s World War 1 involvement – this  will look at propaganda, the role of the press, politicians, the Governor General/High Commissioner, mining magnates and other significant individuals and SA’s relationship with neighbouring countries (Portugal and Belgium in particular)

With Lettow Vorbeck, Smuts and Kitchener through Africa – with specific focus on how the politics influenced the way World War 1 was fought in East Africa.

Aspects of the First World War in Africa – topics can be combined into an overview or as separate topics: Planes in conflict, Naval encounters, Medical (incl military enquiries), Home Front (incl women), Remembrance, Differences to the Western Front, Reporting the war, Scientific advancement. If you’re after something specific not listed here, please ask – you never know…

The diversity of forces serving in Africa during World War 1 – a look at the different ethnic groups involved in fighting in Africa, particularly in East Africa. At least 27 countries participated.Mining magnates and World War 1 – a look at the role of South African mining magnates during the war.

Researching the Lake Tanganyika Expedition – a case study look at the type of sources available to the historian/researcher; the value of original research

The ‘novel’ East Africa campaign – an overview of the 45 known novels of the East African campaign, the story of the East African campaign through the novels; how novels can help an historian’s research.

Novels, the Legion of Frontiersmen and the formation of MI5/6 – a look at how novels by William Le Queux and founder of the Legion of Frontiersmen Roger Pocock led to the formation of Britain’s secret service units.

The unknown Kitchener – Talks can cover a basic overview of Kitchener or a particular theme such as Kitchener’s Women; Kitchener and the Boers; Kitchener and India; Kitchener and Egypt; Kitchener at the War Office (Army reform); Kitchener the man, not the myth.

Africa at the Paris peace talks, 1919how and why Africa was divided as it was at the Versailles talks.

Smuts vs Mandela – who was the greater statesman?

N’kosi Sikelele: God bless Africa – The South African national anthem and religious diversity in South Africa during the 20th century

Literature, Memory and the Historian – an exploration of how an historian uses literature (novels, primary material) to write history and the influence an historian has on literature and memory as well as exploring the scientific role of the historian.

And many more.

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