Novelist: Hans Heuer

Little seems to be known about the writer Hans Heuer. Hans was his author name, his official name being Willi Karl Otto Heuer.

1895 – 28 September born in Magdeburg
1930s – lived Berlin
1970 – 31 December died in Berlin

WW1 Books

1935 – Malumba. Mutter aller Mütter (novel on Tom von Prince and his wife Magdelena, nicknamed Malumba – mother of all mothers)
1940 – Ein Mann erobert Deutsch-Ost – not quite WW1 but tells of the life of Hermann von Wissmann (during WW1, a boat of this name played a part on Lake Tanganyika).


Deutsches Literatur-Lexikon – Das 20 Jahrhundert (Lutz Hagerstedt & von Wilhelm Kosch, published by de Gruyter)
Deutschtum im Ausland vol 19 1936, p884
Das Deutsche Koloniale jahrbuch, 1937, p148

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