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A film insight into South African culture

Is this why colonisation happens?

Novelist: Alice Mabel Gibbs (Morrison) aka Joan Kennedy

Identity issues

Review: The Great War: World War 1

A rich culture

Novelist: Gertrude Page

South African journalists

Review: Africa forms the key – Suryakanthie Chetty

Mrs Smuts opens windows

Novelists of World War 1 Africa

Natal 1906

Review: The Road of Donkey Bones – Alison Cornell

Poets and WW1 Africa

Not erecting a statue is significant

Publishing 100 years ago

Review: Honour & Fidelity – Amarinder Singh

Shakespeare in Africa

An American Influence


Ghostly fascinations

William Finaughty’s moustache

Review: The Corfield Papers – Kim Leslie

Inspector of Nuisances

Crossing Africa in War

Being sent places…

Drawing the line

The importance of transport

SA Indian Stretcher Bearers

A sinking ship – 1917

Correcting errors – Kitchener and Botha photograph

Can we compare?

Who determines identity?

200 years of adapting

Gertrude Bell

Bridging the generations

The state of Empire

The war of the insect

Two sides

Review: Sideshows of the Indian Army in World War 1 – Harry Fecitt

A postal discovery

The African Army Band

Novelists who served in East Africa

A different isolation

Remembering the war dead

Feet of Clay

Review: John Masters – Loss of Eden

Back to nature

A Chinese steamer in East Africa

Sleepy vs Sleeping Sickness

Experiential learning

Behind a Tusker

War-time sanitation

Review: South Africa at War – William Endley

Kitchener and his gang of murderers

Another special remembrance

A wedding in war

Preserving the past

Swakopmund leads to …

Teaching the Great War in Africa

Unknown Togoland

More thoughts on KAR vs Schutztruppe Soldier – Gregg Adams

No rose water to balance the books


One thing, 1903, leads to another…

Review: Distinguished Conduct – Melvin E Page

The Native Red Cross

My Sarie Marais

Time for silence

General Joffre in Africa and East Africa’s false French connection

Review: Remembrance, Memories and Representation after 100 years – edited collection

Some thoughts on African burials in World War 1


Childhood memories

Internment – Behind the Wire

Review: Southall’s Immigrant Communities 1900-2000 – Jaspal Singh Bhambra

Grimsby – definitely not a Grim town

A Titanic connection

Folk tellers

Review: The first campaign victory of the Great War – Antonio Garcia

Culture Day

They still remember

The Grand Rand Easter Show

Perceptions of Identity

Baragwanath origin

Cold War exhibition – subtly inclusive

Diverted by war – dinosaurs

Feeding an army

Pankhurst and Ethiopia

Wide-awake hats, knickerbockers and sandals

Walther Dobbertin raises questions


Talking at cross purposes

South Africans in WW1 Egypt

Companion of the Imperial Service Order

Confirming the past

Resigning in War

Beards, moustaches and the army

Comparatively  speaking: 1899 vs 1914

Sperm Oil on Lake Tanganyika

Mistaken neutrality? Portugal and WW1 Africa

Review: Sudan’s First Railway by Derek A Welsby

Currency matters

Lasts matter too

Isandlwana – new discoveries

Faith and service: is there a connection?

A little Chinese help

The pros and cons of alcohol

The aftermath of the 1st World War in Southern Africa: UNISA 12-13 November 2018

Engaging Africa in remembrance

Education and war

Why remember?

A Dove to Remember

Forgotten fronts

War Diaries of the Base Commandant DSM – a little gem

On the surrender of the German forces in East Africa

Reviews: WW1 history through Art

Destroyed/Missing Archives

First shots of the war, 1914

God Bless Africa

Leprosy in South Africa

Queen Mary’s Needlework Guild

Cross cultural learning

Review: Percy Sillitoe by AW Cockerill

South African Awards and a WW1 literary diversion

I have a (new) dream

The Legion of Frontiersmen, MI5, MI6 and novels

The importance of history teaching

Fait accompli – battlefield decisions

Never such innocence – where was Africa?

Faith in Action

Review: Prisoners of Geography by Tim Marshall

Review: The Head and The Load by William Kentridge

Life is complicated

Quiet recognition

Review: Troopship Mendi – the Black Titanic by Nick Ward

Social hierarchy – prison guards WW1 Africa

Policy change implications: mind over matter

Mankind – the common denominator

A musical tangent

Review: African Kaiser by Robert Gaudi

The Fear of Equality

Bravery recognised

Review: In search of Willie Patterson by Frank Reid


Back to School and the Western Front

Zam-Buk in the GSWA campaign

Untold Friendships: A journey with The Unknown Fallen

Holding Thumbs

Pegasus wrecks

Goans vs Indians: African micro-nations

The times they are a changing…

Letter to a soldier’s daughter

The Caprivi Strip

You can’t win

A book for Ouma Smuts

Favourably disposed – a Groote Schuur link

Egypt and World War 1

Myfanwy Hoskins – sad tale of a General’s wife

Selous and a Housewife on the battlefield

Von and Van – what’s in a name?

An intricate web of relationships: Milner’s Kindergarten

The Kibaka of Buganda and World War 1

I helped find their dead

Coloured – Who am I?

Aragon vs Mendi: two carrier ships

Continual Remembrance

Correcting misconceptions: CWGC

Matchbox full of diamonds

I don’t understand

What is corned beef?

Diversity in the military

A hot train

It’s cultural – masculinity

Year 8 Q&A on WW1 Africa

Serbian barrels in WW1 East Africa

Talking Unclean

Review: The Seychelles Ilands and its first landowners – Julien Durup

Medical Discoveries

Turn-around time?

Oh for a doctor!
Review: Gregg Adams, KAR Soldier versus Schutztrupper Soldier East Africa 1917-1918

They don’t know…

Scottish links

Buildings – a sign of community

Evolving language

Transvaalitis – how do we overcome?


Review: Katrina – crossing the colour line

Things we take for granted

Practice what you preach or Do as I say…?

On death and remembrance: more unsung heroes

Review: Blood River by Tim Butcher: Lost in translation

Language dilemma

The SS Mendi shroud – 21 Feb 2017

The Titanic and South Africa

Technology meltdown

The identity diamond


A royal encounter (or three)

Keeping an open mind

TNA – one of my favourite places

A value-able year

Water – what a choice

An alternative take on a history talk

West Africa in World War 1


Delville Wood and Square Hill


Review: Kitchener – hero and antihero by Brad Faught


Pecking order

Review: Information History of the First World War

Bare Feet

Jan Smuts and the Chinese

Review: Blockade and Jungle by Christen P Christensen

Slave Trade – then and now

Old haunts

Carriers, labourers and others in WW1 EA

Review: Forged in the Great War by Jan-Bart Gewald

On Call

“Never give up” (Rwanda)

Women and WW1 Africa

Review: Memoirs of the Boer War by Jan Smuts

Oranges, lemon and a dash of …

By Me William Shakespeare

All change August 1914

Misconception 4: Indian troops were not up to scratch

Review: Kariakor by Geoffrey Hodges

Centenary Stitches

Hei ho, hei ho, hei ho, it’s off to w(ar) I go

Refugees: Yesterday, today and tomorrow

Review: To complete the Jigsaw by Nicholas van der Bilj

West Africa: Word, Symbol, Song

Walking these streets

Horses – South Africas experiences in World War 1

Is this the reason the Boers and Australians (white) love their country so much?

An all-inclusive Rainbow Poppy?

The French vs the English

No time for peace

East meets West on the Great War

Review: World War 1 Reads and finds of 2015

WW1 East Africa: A new female novelist

Encounters – of different kinds

Boma – the origins

Review: Violent Intermediaries by Michelle Moyd

Don’t ever assume… it’s not FC Selous!

An animal named

Painting a picture – not quite…

Review: The First World War in Namibia 1914-1915 by Gordon McGregor & Mannfred Goldbeck

How the Raid dominates…

A Kodak moment…

Buildings as War Memorials

Day of the Ring: 21 September – Linking War and Peace

Review: Louis Botha’s War: The campaign in German South West Africa, 1914-1915 by Adam Cruise

From “There came a darkness” to “it saw the light”

Love it or hate it, it’s over 100 years old

Indulging in Stellenbosch

Kilimanjaro – A constant companion

A fact you can’t eVoid

Who is African?

Review: The Great Silence by Tim Couzens

Remembrance and Commemoration: a never-ending cycle

Potholes, Pigs and Paradise

Africa from above

Review: World War 1 and the People of South Africa by Bill Nasson

Red Dust by Gillian Slovo

Food for war

Mafikeng vs Mafeking

Review: Horns of the Beast by James Stejskal

Review: Sporting Soldiers by Floris van der Merwe

Teaching the Great War in Africa

Lettow Schnapps


Review: Red Strangers: The white tribe of Kenya

A Christmas truce? not in Africa 1914 or 2014

Two sides of a coin

African Queens

Review: TNA tops bookshop survey for WW1 in Africa

Black Days

WW1 – an education tribute

Confessions of a WW1 Historian: Remembrance tourist

Review: Battle of the Lomba

Smuts: a good teacher

The “Shadows” of Boksburg

Portugal, Germany, Ireland – all a WW1 connection

Which war? I hear you ask: The Anglo-Boer War (1899-1902) vs EA campaign (1914-1918)

To the Unacknowledged Veteran

A Polish cemetery in Tanzania

When 2 elephants make love, the grass suffers

A guide dog in training: building trust

Woody Allen and a WW1 ship in Africa

Ed Paice speech on the Great War in East Africa: 14 June 2014

Misconception 3 of World War 1 in Africa: South West Africa

History, storytelling and song

Khaki elections: South Africa 1915

Youth Day: unexpected weddings and more

The numbers game: how many men fought in Africa

Building Bridges

The speed of travel: London to Marangu, Kilimanjaro

Tribute to Malik: a Sugar sweet Man

Pay to play: Sport in WW1

Crimson Fields – an introduction to the medical services of WW1

Misconception 2 of the Great War in Africa: the Germans gave the British the run around

I want to ride my bicycle: by Queen, the king and kaiser

Workers’ Day

Chris Hani and me: 21 years on

A meeting with an unknown soldier: Tanzania Day 24 April

Misconceptions of the Great War in Africa

Danish Raiders in World War 1

A marathon

A world war before the First World War?

Doris Lessing – a lessin (sic) learned

SAffers as Imperial Service Troops (WW1)

Sourcing SAffer involvement in WW1

Elephant Guard

Karen Blixen’s “WW1 in Africa” and other stories

How World War 1 is being remembered in Africa

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