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The Kibaka of Buganda and World War 1

I helped find their dead

Coloured – Who am I?

Aragon vs Mendi: two carrier ships

Continual Remembrance

Correcting misconceptions: CWGC

Matchbox full of diamonds

I don’t understand

What is corned beef?

Diversity in the military

A hot train

It’s cultural – masculinity

Year 8 Q&A on WW1 Africa

Serbian barrels in WW1 East Africa

Talking Unclean

Review: The Seychelles Ilands and its first landowners – Julien Durup

Medical Discoveries

Turn-around time?

Oh for a doctor!

Review: Gregg Adams, KAR Soldier versus Schutztrupper Soldier East Africa 1917-1918

They don’t know…

Scottish links

Buildings – a sign of community

Evolving language

Transvaalitis – how do we overcome?


Review: Katrina – crossing the colour line

Things we take for granted

Practice what you preach or Do as I say…?

On death and remembrance: more unsung heroes

Review: Blood River by Tim Butcher: Lost in translation

Language dilemma

The SS Mendi shroud – 21 Feb 2017

The Titanic and South Africa

Technology meltdown

The identity diamond


A royal encounter (or three)

Keeping an open mind

TNA – one of my favourite places

A value-able year

Water – what a choice

An alternative take on a history talk

West Africa in World War 1


Delville Wood and Square Hill


Review: Kitchener – hero and antihero by Brad Faught


Pecking order

Review: Information History of the First World War

Bare Feet

Jan Smuts and the Chinese

Review: Blockade and Jungle by Christen P Christensen

Slave Trade – then and now

Old haunts

Carriers, labourers and others in WW1 EA

Review: Forged in the Great War by Jan-Bart Gewald

On Call

“Never give up” (Rwanda)

Women and WW1 Africa

Review: Memoirs of the Boer War by Jan Smuts

Oranges, lemon and a dash of …

By Me William Shakespeare

All change August 1914

Misconception 4: Indian troops were not up to scratch

Review: Kariakor by Geoffrey Hodges

Centenary Stitches

Hei ho, hei ho, hei ho, it’s off to w(ar) I go

Refugees: Yesterday, today and tomorrow

Review: To complete the Jigsaw by Nicholas van der Bilj

West Africa: Word, Symbol, Song

Walking these streets

Horses – South Africas experiences in World War 1

Is this the reason the Boers and Australians (white) love their country so much?

An all-inclusive Rainbow Poppy?

The French vs the English

No time for peace

East meets West on the Great War

Review: World War 1 Reads and finds of 2015

WW1 East Africa: A new female novelist

Encounters – of different kinds

Boma – the origins

Review: Violent Intermediaries by Michelle Moyd

Don’t ever assume… it’s not FC Selous!

An animal named

Painting a picture – not quite…

Review: The First World War in Namibia 1914-1915 by Gordon McGregor & Mannfred Goldbeck

How the Raid dominates…

A Kodak moment…

Buildings as War Memorials

Day of the Ring: 21 September – Linking War and Peace

Review: Louis Botha’s War: The campaign in German South West Africa, 1914-1915 by Adam Cruise

From “There came a darkness” to “it saw the light”

Love it or hate it, it’s over 100 years old

Indulging in Stellenbosch

Kilimanjaro – A constant companion

A fact you can’t eVoid

Who is African?

Review: The Great Silence by Tim Couzens

Remembrance and Commemoration: a never-ending cycle

Potholes, Pigs and Paradise

Africa from above

Review: World War 1 and the People of South Africa by Bill Nasson

Red Dust by Gillian Slovo

Food for war

Mafikeng vs Mafeking

Review: Horns of the Beast by James Stejskal

Review: Sporting Soldiers by Floris van der Merwe

Teaching the Great War in Africa

Lettow Schnapps


Review: Red Strangers: The white tribe of Kenya

A Christmas truce? not in Africa 1914 or 2014

Two sides of a coin

African Queens

Review: TNA tops bookshop survey for WW1 in Africa

Black Days

WW1 – an education tribute

Confessions of a WW1 Historian: Remembrance tourist

Review: Battle of the Lomba

Smuts: a good teacher

The “Shadows” of Boksburg

Portugal, Germany, Ireland – all a WW1 connection

Which war? I hear you ask: The Anglo-Boer War (1899-1902) vs EA campaign (1914-1918)

To the Unacknowledged Veteran

A Polish cemetery in Tanzania

When 2 elephants make love, the grass suffers

A guide dog in training: building trust

Woody Allen and a WW1 ship in Africa

Ed Paice speech on the Great War in East Africa: 14 June 2014

Misconception 3 of World War 1 in Africa: South West Africa

History, storytelling and song

Khaki elections: South Africa 1915

Youth Day: unexpected weddings and more

The numbers game: how many men fought in Africa

Building Bridges

The speed of travel: London to Marangu, Kilimanjaro

Tribute to Malik: a Sugar sweet Man

Pay to play: Sport in WW1

Crimson Fields – an introduction to the medical services of WW1

Misconception 2 of the Great War in Africa: the Germans gave the British the run around

I want to ride my bicycle: by Queen, the king and kaiser

Workers’ Day

Chris Hani and me: 21 years on

A meeting with an unknown soldier: Tanzania Day 24 April

Misconceptions of the Great War in Africa

Danish Raiders in World War 1

A marathon

A world war before the First World War?

Doris Lessing – a lessin (sic) learned

SAffers as Imperial Service Troops (WW1)

Sourcing SAffer involvement in WW1

Elephant Guard

Karen Blixen’s “WW1 in Africa” and other stories

How World War 1 is being remembered in Africa

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