Novelist: David Bee

There is nothing online to give an insight to David Bee. However, in his book Curse of Magira, the author has provided the necessary information.

1931 – born John David Ashford Bee, Simonstown, South Africa
1959-1961 Labour Officer, Tanganyika

David’s “interest in the 1914-18 East African Campaign began as a child, for two of his uncles had served under General Smuts, and his father joined H.M.S. Hyacinth in 1917. Meetings with German settlers who remained in Tanganyika after Germany’s defeat convinced him that it was time to look at the period of the German Protectorate a little more closely; it seemed a pity that this dramatic piece of African and military history was less well-known than it deserved to be. Many of the incidents of the present-day plot are drawn from his own experience.” 

In the foreword to the book, Bee explains what is fiction and what is not, as well as supplying a list of references at the end.

Curse of Magira which was also published under the title Our Fatal Shadows was the second of three books David wrote. The other two are: Children of yesterday (1961) and The Victims (1971). The former about children of different races growing up together and the latter about a plague at the time of independence in East Africa. (listed on British Library catalogue)

WW1 Books by David Bee
Curse of Magira: A novel of East Africa (1964)


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