Novelist: Josef S Viera

Josef S Viera wrote both fiction and non-fiction. Having served in the war, he wrote numerous accounts of his experiences. Many of these were banned when the Soviet Union took control of East Germany. Where fiction and fact diverge is yet to be assessed. Below are all his works covering the war years. Juma, his first book is a confirmed novel.

1890 – born 22 July Josef Sebastian Vierasegerer in Munich
1910 – moved to East Africa
1914 – 1918 – soldier with von Lettow-Vorbeck
1922 – Graduate in Philosophy and Literature at University of Munich
1970 – died 5 June

Books on World War 1

1922 – Juma: der Afrikanische Laubsbub (von Lettow-Vorbeck wrote the foreword)
1924 – Bana Sikukuu or Der Afrikan Ranger (short stories; Governor Heinrich Schnee wrote the foreword)
1926 – Mit Lettow-Vorbeck in Afrika
1936 – Erzählungen aus den deutschen Kolonialkämpfen im Weltkrieg Deutsch-Ostafrika kampft! Deutsch -Ostafrika Leben! ; Lettow-Vorbeck, im Weltkrieg unbesiegt ; Die Tangaschlacht. Wie Deutsch-Ostafrika unter Lettow-Vorbeck im Weltkrieg verteidigt wurde
1937 – Mit Lettow-Vorbeck im Busch
1938 – Die Mikindani-Patrouille. Mit Lettow-Vorbeck in Deutsch-Ostafrika. Aus dem Leben erzählt


He is not listed in Sonke Clasen, Die Angehorigen der Kaiserlichen Schutztruppe fur Deutsch-Ostafrica zur Zeit des Ersten Weltkriegs


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