Novelist: Friedrich Wilhelm Mader

Mader was a priest and novelist who set his stories in other continents. His stories set in Africa were written using the literature available in Germany at the time.

1866 – 1 September, born in Nice

1890-1894 – vicar in various places

1897-1917 – pastor in Eschelbach and Kesselfeld in Hohenlohe

1945 – 30 March, died in Bönnigheim

Books on WW1 Africa

Die Helden van Ost-Afrika

Am Kilimandjaro: Ubenteuer or pdf pages of the book

Vom Pangani zum Rowuma: Kämpfe in Deutsch-Ostafrika or pdf pages


Encyclopedia of Science Fiction

I find it fascinating that there is little background information available on German authors compared with English. This in itself raises a number of questions – all for another blog so as not to detract from the basic idea of the series on novelists.

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