Novelist: Gertrude Page

The first novelist/fiction writer of the war in Africa between 1914 and 1918 was Gertrude Page with two publications, one in 1915 and the other in 1918.

Gertrude had links with Rhodesia. She was there when war broke out in August 1914. She is known as the ‘Kipling of Rhodesia’.

1872 – born in Erdington, Warwick
1902 – married George Alexander Dobbin who had been an ambulance driver in the 1899-1902 war.
1904 – Arrived in Southern Rhodesia and eventually bought a farm
1922 – died in Salisbury, Rhodesia

By all accounts Gertrude left Rhodesia at the start of the war to assist with evacuating wounded from Belgium/France. Her collection of short stories and her novel concerning the war in Africa are set around the outbreak and the challenges settlers faced in determining whether to stay and develop their farms, protect their new country or go back to England to safeguard the motherland. Her insights are such that she had to have been there. For more about Gertrude and her war time experience, scroll down to the obituaries.

WW1 Africa Books by Gertrude

Follow After (1915)
Far From the Limelight and other tales (1918)


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