Buildings as war memorials

I’ve recently been editing and proofing a memoir for publication. In doing so, I was reminded of buildings dedicated as memorials. I know three of them of which two are hospitals and one a church. The latter having been an English hospital during World War 1. When the church building was no longer required as a hospital but there was still clearly a need for one in the area, the local people of Northwood and Pinner pooled resources to set up the cottage hospital. The permanent building still stands but no longer functions as a hospital. It still has a medical function though, as a base for NHS ambulances.

The second hospital is in Kenya – Nakuru to be precise. Perhaps more fittingly when this hospital was first setup it was done so in old military buildings which had been used during the First World War campaign in East Africa. It became known as the Nakuru Memorial Hospital.

There are probably many more such buildings, some possibly mentioned on David Harrop’s Facebook Memorial site. But for me being reminded of the hospitals and church as war memorials is fitting – life and death are so intertwined.

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