A Christmas truce? Not in Africa, 1914 or 2014

Much of this past week or so has seen at least one Christmas Truce article reach my inbox every day. And, although it’s great to think that in the midst of killing and bloodshed, some took a stand and brought an end to it for a few hours, we mustn’t forget those who did not have that opportunity then and those that suffer due to the wars that continue to plague our earth.

The Sainsbury‘s Christmas advert has become the symbol of the truce this year and the theme of reconciliation was continued in the Queen’s Speech. However, Terri Crocker’s research sheds a different view on the reasons for the Truce of 1914. What a pity the conditions Terri highlights as reasons the truce occurred were not present in Africa. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the rainy season, and although there was an overall lull in the conflict due to the order imposed by the British War Office after the November defeat at Tanga, localised skirmishes continued to take place; including on Christmas Day. And in South West Africa, the South Africans re-started their invasion of the German colony having brought the rebellion in the Union to a close whilst the Germans launched the first of their Zepellin raids.

At this time of the year, we remember those suffering the effects of war and pay tribute to those trying to make the world a safer place to live including those who guard the tombs of the Unknown Soldiers as recognised by Roads to the Great War.  We remember too those working to ease the lives of those afflicted by disease (Ebola) and other disasters, natural and man-created.

May 2015 bring peace to as many as possible.

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